Ouca 31 makes really creepy-sticky, lovely Tezuka and Sanada. Silently possessive Tezuka (over Inui) and spazzy possessive Sanada (over Oshitari). In Dr. Gradus ad Parnassum (nice Debussy piece btw!), the Megane's meet to decide over their new hit at Oishi's (because, according to Tezuka, what's Oishi's is his, and what's Inui's is also his -Inui: "WAIT, WHAT!?"). Sanada is there, too, since he keeps being like an appendix of Oshitari, and after some discussion over glasses and caps, ends up jumping out of the window after his cap in a friendly kanji-writing duel with Tezuka. Oshitari and Inui then get mad at each other, not wanting their respective "husband" to be compared to the other "freak". Oishi finally recommends the Megane's to write a love song about it.

Speaking of taking your loved one's belongings, Tezuka does take home Inui's tennis bag in the lovely fic:
Great Lengths by happiestwhen, that I happened to re-re-read the other day. InuTez under the premise that "There is a strong likelihood that Inui likes Tezuka. More than 95%".

This is my second long weekend on a row, so I decided to put on one of my gothic dresses and scanlate a bit, just a little bit, while I listened to practically the entire discography of ABBA. On wonderful, lazy Saturdays at home, I love wearing a gothic dress while I read BL or scanlate. To me, scanlating is like an addiction, I can hardly open a doujinshi without wanting to scanlate some, but a few years ago I took drastic measures so as to keep myself in check. Thanks to that I can enjoy a life with different hobbies and enjoyments. That is, not only doujinshi but also: BL manga, BL fanfiction, BL fanart, BL movies and M/M novels. *Ahem* I think I am definitely an INFJ:


Occasionally I go out for work, class and stuff and become an ENFJ --> With the "E" for "Energetic".

But today! Today I felt like sharing one of the biggest treasures (to me) that I digged up last time I went hunting in Japan:

KUWABARA X HIEI ---> Excerpt here in tumblr

Yu Yu Hakusho doujinshi, vintage 1999. Half is a comic and the other half is a novel with illustrations. PWP, Hiei is in heat, let's fuck! ---> classic. BUT. Very faithful art, quite close to the original style. Kuwabara is the handsome, desirable hero!!!! And I absolutely adore it.

To the anon that requested a reupload of the Hikago doujinshi zips, I already did ---> All in the MASTERPOST here. Since I was at it, I reuploaded all the zip/rars available. I need to work on reuploading some other things that got lost in my backup CDs... If by chance I screwed up and some links do not work or are mistaken, please do let me know!

/Levi OUT.

This article is awesome.

Part 1) Why Procrastinators Procrastinate, with genius crappy doodles.
Part 2) How to Beat Procrastination, with funny serious advice from a heavy procrastinator to another.

This Web is priceless. I want to read it all  at the Dark Playground on my well-deserved free time. And I want the plushies too.

Read, feel identified and do something productive now! enjoy. :D

Panic Monster & Instant Gratification Monkey plushies @The Store here.

PoT Fic Nostalgia: BaneDabi Edition

I found that keychain during my last trip to Japan. It is the only piece of PoT merchandise I bought, since most of what comes out these days have the characters give out the feeling of male prostitutes, including King Atobe the Prima Donna, first lady of the stage.

I have started to edit my favorite PoT fics to copy them to my reader, and discovered that at the time I used to print them but not save them, so bless the authors that keep their works well filed and organized, and bless the PoT exchange festivals and the people who efficiently ran and archived them.

Probably one of my favorite fics to date is this BaneDabi:

So a Funny Thing Happened on the Way Home by cinamaroll.

From the fic exchange Spring Fluff 2007 [List of all the fics].

To me, this is a gem of a story for several reasons, including, in no particular order:

1. Set when Dabide defeated 100 Hyoutei team members -> I loved to read how it could have happened.
2. Accurate depiction of Japanese train and bus gymkanas, settings and circumstances.
3. Bane is the one being insecure and having a hard time for a change, since it's his pov. (Most of the dôujinshi I've read has Dabide suffering.)
4. IC+++
5. Tender just as I like it. It is all just as I like it.

Because I love sharing my favorite doujinshi and panels, here are some covers and inside samples with backstory for some of my recent reads. I am on a roll (and on holidays until today T_T). If you click on each pic on tumblr you'll get the bigger/huge size.


One on One, by West Child.
Yohei x Hanamichi (w/Hanagata x Fujima), light friendship, but far more in Haruko the fujôshi's mind.

Slam Dunk reprint doujinshi by Kiyoka Masumi OVERLAP.
Friendship stories between Mitsui and Miyagi.

Tomorrow is another day and More Today than Yesterday, by Hearts Ease.
Hanai x Mizutani. Oofuri doujinshi starring anything but Abe, Haruna, Mihashi or Tajima is usually so tender and sweet.

Tabanata, byMi-chiel Dou Honpo.
St. Rudolph doujinshi about how best to piss Mizuki off under the pretext of teamwork for Tanabata.

Yusuke Urameshi Book by Tatemachikan.
Yusuke and Keiko drink a potion that turns them into CLAMP characters.

Happy Child E.P., by Blue Sheets (pixiv 5858131).
Phinks x Feitan, how they both got their numbered spider tattoo on the same spot.

Mizuki is so fed up with his teammates' BS

Mizuki fails to catch the attention of his teammates for his usual plotting as they are too occupied hanging wishes from a Tanabata tree. Akazawa finally convinces him to write his own wish, as that will connect their spirits towards their common dream, and thus unite their hearts.

But that turns out to be utter bullshit as every team member has written their own independent wish which, in the case of Akazawa, has absolutely nothing to do with tennis, but with stuffing himself with curry.

That’s Mizuki’s reaction upon discovering his feelings have been played with.

From Tabanata, The Prince of Tennis, St. Rudolph doujinshi.
By Mi-chiel Dou Honpo. Summer 2004.

Yu Yu Hakusho turned CLAMP

In this doujinshi centered around the main character, Yusuke Urameshi, he and Keiko inadvertently manage to drink some spiked lamune beverage that contained beautification potion from that Utsukushii-whatever-guy. And they somehow turn into CLAMP characters.

A couple more big scans here.

From Yu Yu Hakusho, Yusuke Urameshi Book, by Tatemachikan (1993).

Doujinshi in bed

Reading doujinshi in bed, how had I missed it!

Tearing the plastic and enjoying one after another.

On the pic, YoHana and ToriHiyo, my menu tonight.

Daddy Piccolo


I am weak to daddy Piccolo, he is my favorite character in Dragon Ball.
I was lucky to find nice, small figurines from some of my favorite scenes from the series at Volks in Denden Town, Osaka.

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Tokyo from a hotel room



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