Doujinshi Collection Reloaded (in tumblr)

You can now read these directly in tumblr following the links provided:

The Prince of Tennis

Heaven and Hell aka Towel Fetish (FujiKiku) by Showko Kanegae / Read in tumblr

Kuma no Daigoro ga nekoronda nowa? aka Furry Shuusuke (FujiKiku) by Showko Kanegae / Read in tumblr

Kaoru's Feelings / Read in tumblr

Kimi ni furu sora (FujiRyo) by RURU / Read in tumblr part 1 - part 2

♥ A Kind Person (RyoKai) by Youko Fujitani / Read in tumblr

♥ Dekitate (RyoKai) by Youko Fujitani / Read in tumblr

♥ Seduction Scene from Please Sey! by Youko Fujitani / Read in tumblr

The Flower and the Storm III (MomoKai) by Akayama Ichi / Read in tumblr

Buchou Sanjou by Satoumizu / Read in tumblr  All Dorks Reloaded - Sankaki Claus 1 - Sankaki Claus 2

The Little Atobes by Satoumizu / Read in tumblr

♥ Don't Think You'll Always Be Together, Captain and Cap by Satoumizu / Read in tumblr

Flash (ToriShishi) by Stage / See kissing scene in tumblr

♥ Ohtori and Kabaji's First Day in Hyoutei from Love-Scud (ToriShishi) by Flex-able, Yuu Takahashi / Read in tumblr Frankenkabaji scene - Height Complex scene

♥ Oretama Wants to Know & Worshipped Oretama 8KabaAto) by Tono Anna / Read in tumbr

Eyeshield 21

♥ Torakichi can walk! from Cherry by Otaku21 Yanma / Read in tumblr

Eine Lippe (HiruMamo) by Bestia Kaya Kizaki / See partial RAW in tumblr

Not Enough (MusaHiru) by Punkish Dragoneer, Miku Sagawa / Read in tumblr

Hikaru no Go
Ikenai koto kai (WayaSumi) by Asuka Tennouji  / Read in tumblr


Aoharu Youth (MizuSaka) by Jackpot21 + 103 (Kaworu Tanimura) / Read in tumblr

Slam Dunk

♥ Rukawa and Sakuragi kiss by source forgotten / Read partial RAW in tumblr
♥ One Day (La Tormenta) by ZAK / Read in tumblr

Final Fantasy VIII

♥ Scrap Party (Everybody hitting on Zell) by Gang Age / Read in tumblr part 1 - part 2 - part 3

Captain Tsubasa

Truco blanco (WakaWaka) by / Read in tumblr

Harry Potter

Long Vacation (Twins x Percy) by Haribote / Read in tumblr part 1 - part 2

I will keep reuploading those old classics, little by little. : )

Doujinshi Master post here.

Frikadas varias

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Hace calor. Y estoy de guardia de Semana Santa en la ofi. Pero al menos curro en horario normal, para variar. Yey! Eso sí, me siento megaperraca después de comer. ¿¡Quién no!? ¡¡Es abril y parece junio!!

(X) ASOIAF: Paso de ver la serie de Juego de Tronos desde la tercera temporada, que ya sufrí lo mío con los libros, pero me divierto con los gifs de tumblr. Por ahora mi epitafio en gifs favorito es éste. Spoilers sólo si eres de los que no se mueve mucho por internet y consigue mantenerse virginal.

(X) CINE: Sinopsis de cine, resúmenes cañís de películas con los que te partes. Aviso: No leer en el curro. Hubo un día que lo pasé mal lacrimeando a espuertas en el silencio de mi oficina.

(X) DOUJINSHI: Reposting some old doujinshi in tumblr properly tagged. I will link from the masterpost asap. Too much to revive, some old projects I keep wanting to work on, scanned pages lost at a computer's final crash. :sigh:

/Levi out.

Ghost Ships: Hell to the no

L'Amour Toujours
Bull-shit. Harry should have ended either with Sirius or Snape. Or even Draco (Draco looks at him forlornly in the cursed, sappy epilogue). I didn't want Ron to die, and I readily accepted the pairings as they came. But in one of my favorite fics to date, Ron dies and Harry hooks up with Bill. That one was so epic. Almost like these gifs.

There were so many possibilities back then! But she felt to me just as homophobic as the Elementary series' creators. Harry was very much like Frodo and he could have moved on with "Gandalf" to wait for "his Sam".

::H/Hr, a ghost ship like that in The Goonies comes back to life::

P.S.: Who cares NOW!?

Sherlock S3 As Seen on Tumblr

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I am still trying to process what I have watched of S3, but it is not easy when my neurones are overcharged with so much fanservice. The script, jokes, references, nicks, phrases, all felt like a Best of Tumblr Compilation. They have practically left plots-on-demand for future fanfiction pieces that have already been posted, immediately posted, as well as "the definitive edition in gif format". Pick your scene, you have it out there set up for looping enjoyment.

They know their stuff, our fan-made stuff, and how to give it back to us.

I am just... I don't know... Too much is too much, like with Game of Shadows. As someone wrote, "there is no subtext anymore, just text". S&W don't snog to prevent homophobic attacks, but only because of that! The Sign of Threesome was particularly mindblowing.

Who'll (not) die on the next and last episode?


January 4th

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I had to mirror the pic so that it worked... (source)
You can know my age by my limited interests. Today I officially added Pacific Rim.

I am getting this 8-texture chocolate cake for dessert, to honor my chocolate-loving piranha cousins (and brother, and mother, and...). And will hopefully watch Sherlock 3.1 and IT Crowd's last episode. ::Crosses fingers::


Merry Christmas Everybody!

I hope you all have a nice Christmas season, be it with family and loved ones or running away from them. My season is quite familiar and simple, I love the meeting of my close-relatives only, and the nice meals, and the After Eight eating on Christmas Morning, a tradition since I was 14. It is cold and windy today. I am home, so I don't care for myself, but for those out there... Ugly year for Spain. What we lack in natural disasters, we more than compensate with the medieval people that rule us. I am sure more than one here share the sentiment, wherever in the World you live. I'm sorry for you too. One'd have thought by now the World would work rationally, but nope. Anyway, let's focus on the bright side of life and watch lovely Christmas-themed movies like Die Hard, to relax and hope for a rational and civilized alien invasion in 2014, which is our only, truly last hope.

¡Felices Fiestas! No comamos demasiado, para evitar el efecto Rey Goblin (ya sabéis, de las finuras de David Bowie al gordo granulento del Hobbit) y sobrellevemos las reuniones familiares como mejor se pueda, incluido el efecto dispersión mental si have falta. En mi caso son bien sencillas, pero alegres. Cada año puede ser el último de alguien, así que se van apreciando por la inevitabilidad de la cuenta atrás. Y en cuanto al año que se va, bueno, no vamos a decir que podría haber sido peor, porque todavía queda una semana. Y creo que esto se puede aplicar a más de un país por aquí... Pongámonos una película agradable navideña, como La Jungla de Cristal, y pensemos que los terroristas son nuestros más detestados políticos y dominantes del mundo para bien propio por la gloria de whateverthefuck quieran argumentar ahora, y recemos por una invasión alienígena civilizada en el 2014, porque esa es nuestra verdadera última esperanza.

The Hunger Games Marathon

Yesterday I left work early to go to a Hunger Games Marathon: First movie + New movie one after the other. I took sandwiches. On Catching FireCollapse )

Ayer fui a una maratón de los juegos del hambre, las dos pelis una tras otra. El segundo libro es mi favorito.En llamasCollapse )

Honest trailers: The Hunger Games. Can't wait for Catching Fire's.

Star Trek TOS: The Arena


And this is how the threeso... the triumvirate works.
Stupid and sensual Mccoy

Today, we review one of the most famous and parodied episodes of the series, the Gorn fight in the desert of the Arena, apparently based on a short story of the same name (1944) by Fredric Brown and later a Marvel Comic you can read in full here.

Star Trek TOS Arena Summary:
- The random planet base they teleport down to have some fun has just been blasted by a mysterious alien ship.
- Kirk pursues the ship ready to kill.
- Both ships enter the Metrons' space.
- The Metrons teleport both captains to a desert planet full of minerals to fight for their lives and their ships.
- They only give them each a recording-and-translator device.
- The enemy captain is a reptilian creature called the Gorn. You will remember him because it's the most homaged ST scene ever.
- They fight, Kirk wins by implementing his High-School mineralogy knowledge, has mercy on his foe, saves both lives and ships.
- The Metrons are actually metrosexually advanced humanoid creatures. They send both captains back to their ships.
- Everybody is happy to have daddy back, particularly Spock and Bones, although only Bones shows it openly and sensually.

And now for the sheer screencapped fun of it...Collapse )


Ready Player One by Ernest Cline

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A must read for any geek and/or 80's fan. Pages and pages of addictive fun, a story that won't disappoint, and an overdose of pop culture references of times that not everybody in the World shared equally, and feelings anybody connected to the Internet today can identify with.

From Amazon:

In the year 2044, reality is an ugly place. The only time teenage Wade Watts really feels alive is when he's jacked into the virtual utopia known as the OASIS. Wade's devoted his life to studying the puzzles hidden within this world's digital confines—puzzles that are based on their creator's obsession with the pop culture of decades past and that promise massive power and fortune to whoever can unlock them.
   But when Wade stumbles upon the first clue, he finds himself beset by players willing to kill to take this ultimate prize. The race is on, and if Wade's going to survive, he'll have to win—and confront the real world he's always been so desperate to escape.

Being an Obsessive-Compulsive ultra nerd with zetabytes of useless data is the key to win this quest. Beware of geekmione. And DJ R2-D2.
Official Website. (Warning for geek overdose.)

Ayer mismo me terminé este libro que me recomendó mi padre y que ME HA ENCANTADO, con mayúsculas. Warner Bros tiene los derechos del libro, y me da que ahora están recopilando los derechos de todas las referencias frikis que la protagonizan, y entonces nos van a bombardear con la superproducción que saquen, y no sé si estoy preparada emocionalmente, porque el libro me ha encantado, y espero que le hagan justicia. Me hace gracia la gente que valora la calidad literaria de obras que están escritas para sentir orgasmos frikis, no literarios, pero a cada cual su soma.


La novela cibernética que ha inspirado la próxima gran producción de Warner Bross, a medio camino entre Avatar y Matrix.

Estamos en el año 2044 y, como el resto de la humanidad, Wade Watts prefiere mil veces el videojuego de OASIS al cada vez más sombrío mundo real. Se asegura que esconde las diabólicas piezas de un rompecabezas cuya resolución conduce a una fortuna incalculable. Las claves del enigma están basadas en la cultura de finales del siglo XX y, durante años, millones de humanos han intentado dar con ellas, sin éxito. De repente, Wade logra resolver el primer rompecabezas del premio, y, a partir de ese momento, debe competir contra miles de jugadores para conseguir el trofeo. La única forma de sobrevivir es ganar; pero para hacerlo tendrá que abandonar su existencia virtual y enfrentarse a la vida y al amor en el mundo real, del que siempre ha intentado escapar.

Fuente: EdicionesB

Ready Player One en
Ready Player One, la novela geek que deberías estar leyendo en alt1040

No sé si es buena o mala, sólo lé que me lo he pasado pipa leyendo. Y se la recomiendo a cualquier friki de los 80.


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