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I didn't like Interstellar very much. Actually suffered through the 3 hours. Won't trust Nolan again.

I can't wait for Mockingjay 1/2 next Sunday. I'll be happy to see Margaery and Brienne over there. I am positive Julianne Moore will do a good job as well. The first part of that book is good. The second, meh. The ending is to look forward to.

For my birthday in January I'll be watching a show of Movies in Concert with The Fellowship of the Ring, with a live orchestra playing the soundtrack. Something like this. Sounds like a cool plan. You can check this list to see what, where and when they'll be playing. Maybe there'll be something coming soon next to you!

Last weekend I rewatched Young Frankestein after I don't know how many years. It's full of silly sex jokes, but it is still cute and funny.

The only TV show that I am interested right now and more or less caught up with (two to go) is South Park. Handicar is so far my favorite episode with Matthew Mc-corny-aughey getting his just desserts and being sucked up by a black hole for good [watch here the scene], but I am pretty much enjoying every one of them.

I love being on holidays

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...But I have so few days left. T_T

I have been scanlating and reuploading old scans in RAR and to tumblr, which you can find listed in the Doujinshi MASTERPOST.

I also recharged the lost images of the muga doors fakescanlation.


Guardians of the Galaxy was so much fun, I can't wait to watch it again on cinema before it is out. I laughed like a kid. I ship Gamora with Drax, though. I liked Starlord much better than I thought I would, but he still needs to grow up. My feelings towards Groot and Rocket are pretty much mainstream: heart won.

How to Train your Dragon 2: Amazing flying scenes, loved the secondary kids (particularly Ruffnut, I have had friends like her in school, JUST like her), but there was something horrifying about both the script and some turns of events. A certain long-lost someone seemed to live in Avatar's Pandora, both she and Astrid yielded their awesomeness so that their men could show off at some point and be, well, "the men", and Hiccup's last speech embarrassed me. Not cool. Not completely satisfied. Also, I liked the chief and the blacksmith relationship as Hiccup's parents, they were SO married.


The Strain: I am enjoying it and am hooked, but the screenwriters should work a bit harder on humanly coherent dialogues, because some of the character's lines and reactions are incoherent, absurdly selfish and painfully stupid.
My favorite characters, because they are awesome and coherent, are Vasiliy (the vermin hunter) and Setrakian (the old jew vampire hunter). I suffer a lot with their scenes because I never want anything bad happening to them.
I love how Eichorst, the nazi vampire is the Dracula of The Monster Squad, that's clearly a big homage from the creators (Del Toro), and there he'd had to face an old jew prisoner too, who guided the kids and knew "a lot about monsters" - camera focus on the numbers on his arm. Also, every time the nazi vampire calls "the jew" Setrakian by his prisoner number,  he reminds me of Javeeeeert. The last episode I've seen of them, with the camp flashbacks, had many intense seductory moments...

After getting started on this series I had the urge to watch Stephen King's Salem's Lot movie adaptation and 1. The Strain drank heavily from that one 2. OMG It's SO GAY I felt embarrassed sometimes. All the people you see being seduced to be sucked and turned are mostly men, loved ones or important people to the first to be turned (the loved ones chain is another theme in The Strain). The most WTF relationship and interaction is that of the main character (the writer) and the monster fan teenager (--> might have inspired The Monster Squad in turn?), who seem to have a flash of love at first bump, and who actually END UP TOGETHER. / Movie archaelogy OFF.

And that's pretty much it. I am unable to get into most of the new series. Turned to watch old sagas instead, like Dirty Harry and Jaws. Watching them with fujôshi eyes, cannot helpt it. There is always a detail here, a golden scene there...

Orange Heaven (2/2)

L'Amour Toujours

Scenes from Orange Heaven by Geso/Gingamu, this time faithfully scanlated. First half and second half (NSFW).
Harry Potter doujinshi, Sirius x Ron, R-15.

Sinceramente, no veo esta BFF pareja por ningún sitio en el canon, pero la autora se ha montado una fantasía AUUUU! muy chula y, la verdad, ¿qué más da?, si al final con Sirius siempre habrá que correr un estúpido velo. T_T

Orange Heaven (1/2)

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Scenes from Orange Heaven by Geso/Gingamu, this time faithfully scanlated here, part 1 of 2 . Safe for work yet.
Harry Potter doujinshi, Sirius x Ron, R-15.

Para mí, la fakescanlation era más fiel a lo que de verdad están pensando los personajes en esa escena, pero bueno. ;D

La paja de Sirius Black (Fakescanlation)


Estoy trabajandou en ellou, en la scanlation de la segunda parte NSFW del Sirius/Ron que puse hace poco. Mientras tanto, me divierto con las fake-scanlations, que me lo paso mejor.

La verdad es que Sirius está encerrado en el baño pensando en Ron, y no se sabe bien qué hace con las manos...
Y Remus es la chacha-niñera de la historia, desde luego Sirius es un pedobear aprovechado. (¿O sería pedodog?)

Que Remus sea el ama de casa y le pida a Hermione que le ayude a poner la mesa dice mucho de la mentalidad machista imperante, pero dado lo verde doncella uke que se vuelve Ron, y lo feliz cual regaliz gilipollil que se comporta Harry, que parece Pocoyó al lado de todos, no sé de qué escandalizarme más.

El dibujo en sí es bonito... y tal...

*** Sigue traduciendo en silencio, igual que Sirius sufre las almorranas ***


P.D: Me gusto este post sobre movie!Ron VS book!Ron. Gñgñgñgñgñgñ.
Scans from Orange Heaven by Geso/Gingamu.

Real scanlation coming soon to a tumblr near you...

Lenna's Theme


Lenna's Theme
From Final Fantasy V Dear Friends

One day I'll finish FFV. And IX. And Chrono Trigger. But not today.
First I'll finish levelling Quistis, Irvine and Selphie up to 100.
And defeating Artemisa. Again. Ya si eso...


Lovely Videogame Music & Covers

I've been organizing and searching for better quality versions and covers of my favorite pieces, and that's how I came accross these beautiful vocal covers of FFIX themes by Erutan:

Here are orchestral versions of the two, if you are curious:

You Are Not Alone
Rose of May


Male Feet Fetish

It is a fetish that I don't have, but browsing "Zell Dincht" fanart at DA tonight (:ahem: the crush continues), I found this artist who mostly portraits males showing their feet or licking each other's feet, and I find it so fascinating! And the art is good!


FFVIII, Avengers, DC, Disney princes, you have it!

L'Amour Toujours

I have been watching the original Star Trek: TOS movies in order and boy, oh, boy, they are such a slashy mine as I didn't think it was possible at the time. There is not subtext, it is all there, and holy crap that triumvirate is truly an item! See the three of them camping merrily at Brokeback Mountain, not once but TWICE in the same movie.  Reincidents just like Ennis and Jack, but bringing along their doctor love. Examples from where they cross the last frontier in movie V here.

I also love the fact that although they are all aged and fat, they are still the proud heroes of their franchise. See Uhura sexy dancing with her whitened hair and not-so-young body, but still sensual. Precious!

Aunque la peli IV en la que van al pasado al siglo XX me pareció la más divertida de todas, con el Chekov y su acentaco ruso preguntando a la policía de San Francisco donde está la base de los misiles nuclearrrrres, porrr favorrrrr, en plena época de la guerra fría.

Random SiriusRon Moment

L'Amour Toujours

Today is my first day of summer holidays and I felt like scanlating. Well, I've felt like scanlating for a while, picking up favorites at random. But I don't have the patience to do full doujinshi anymore, so here are some excerpts from Orange Bird by Geso / Gingamu. Sirius x Ron.

If I feel up to it again I might share some excerps from the summer affair, too: Orange Heaven.


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