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The Catholic Church (priest) and the school (teacher) approve of Tweek and Craig

Here is an analysis of why some people believe they are not really dating.
♥♥ And here is an analysis of why they ARE dating, so deal with it!
♥♥♥ AND here is the official profile for Tweek and there for Craig in which they are LABELLED as boyfriends.

♥  Here are some real-life celebrities who support Creek.
♥♥ And here is Tweek making his Lego toys kiss (Is that Harry Potter?).
♥♥♥ And here someone finally matched the episode with Brokeback Mountain, yay!

Here is an analysis on Cartman's homosexuality.
♥♥ And here is a sample on why Craig and Cartman are the gay leaders of their respective packs.
♥♥♥ And here in this post are several reasons why no series makes me feel so giddy as South Park!

♥ Camp by Tono Anna. This is such a cute doujinshi! I would love to scanlate it in full, as you know how much I adore Hyoutei slumber parties, camps and night gatherings -and this one ends well! -but I just don't have the time. T_T

♥ BUT! I scanlated a short Oofuri story, 6 pages long, from an everybody x Abe anthology by TILL 20XX: Shingo hits on Abe so smoothly hard that he scores. You can read the ShingoAbe here on tumblr.  Ah, how I miss the golden Tosei days T_T like this and thiiis one.

♥ Speaking of tumblr, I want to recommend K-eke. It's a french animator that does incredibly cute and awesome things with birds and other adorable animals. It is best to see it while listening to a catchy music. Or you can just watch this youtubed sample here and learn some bird names in French in the process. :D

This pretty much summarizes how I still feel about the latest South Park episode.

South Park is Gay... Fanservice

South Park S19e06 Tweek x Craig [Watch online]
>> Three days from Halloween, South Park gives us a Valentine's episode.
Someone on 4chan, and damned right!
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South Park wants your yaoi fan art

First they call Craig "the homosexual of the class", now they pair him with Tweek, perhaps knowing that Creek is one of the most popular pairings in the fandom. Season 19 is going all out!

Original petition here.

And this is the official summary for next episode:

NEW YORK, October 26, 2015 – The Asian girls in school are drawing dreamy pictures of Tweek and Craig in an all-new episode of “South Park” titled “Tweek x Craig” on Wednesday, October 28 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on Comedy Central.

The news of a romantic relationship between Tweek and Craig hits South Park Elementary. Mr. Mackey tries to figure out who started the rumor. Meanwhile, Cartman, who struggles to understand his friends’ relationship, finds he has an admirer of his own.

Tumblr is reacting accordingly:

Here is one sample.

And here is some teasing precedent. Cartman confessing to Kyle on the big screen of a basketball game with a song. A song that later Kyle would use as a battle cry during the videogame.

Who will now be Cartman's secret admirer? Fans are screaming for KYMAN's official recognition, once and for all. (I approve!)

I don't know what the hell the creators have in mind, but since yesterday I am fangirling and screaming like a teenager inside.

This is fanservice à la carte!

Unpopular musings

I am wary about the new Star Wars movie, and is that an Arya Stark line right at the beginning? "Who are you?" "I am no one". But I'll give it a wary try on the big screen.

Also, I have never been a fan of Back to the Future, but there is something for which I am thankful to that saga, and that is RICK & MORTY.

I got into Adult Swim via Robot Chicken, and now I am having Rick & Morty for dinner almost every night. Except on South Park night, once a week. Child Labor Force with Kenny the super-big brother, Boogers and Cum for the yelpers... The 19th season started weak, but boy has it improved!

[DOUJINSHI] Midnight Diet by HoneyBunny

I reuploaded Hyoutei's Midnight Diet.
You can read (or re-read!) the pages here, or directly download the lot here.

It's been 8 years but I still remember how much fun I had with this one. :D

You can find other assorted doujinshi in the Masterpost.

no title

Excerpt from the doujinshi Unicorn, as included in the Compilation Book I by Kasukabe Polka / Jumonji Grico. Hamada&Izumi fanbook.

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Download here.

You can find other assorted doujinshi over there.

You can read this same post in ENGLISH ----> here.

Serie: The Prince of Tennis
Círculo: FLEX-ABLE (Yuu Takahashi)
Año: Diciembre 2004
Escanlateado por: Leviosa, leviosa8@livejournal
Fecha de traducción: Summer 2015
Páginas: 62
Calificación: R porque hay una escena de masturbación.
Pareja: Ohtori x Shishido, ToriShishi (con una pizca de HiyoShishi)
Personajes: Ohtori, Shishido, Hiyoshi y el equipo de adorables frikis titulares del equipo Hyoutei.

Resumen: Después de la derrota contra Ryoma, Hiyoshi se siente responsable de la derrota del Hyoutei y se plantea dejar el club. Shishido intermedia para impedirlo, y a cambio Hiyoshi se toma más de una libertad para abrirle los ojos respecto a Ohtori.

Notas de la T.: A pesar de estar lleno de tópicos del yaoi y del BL, es uno de mis doujinshis favoritos. Tengo tres copias originales y he perdido la cuenta de las veces que lo he leído. Hace años que sentía que tenía que traducirlo, pero hasta este verano no ha sido posible. Puesto que tenía tiempo y ganas, lo he traducido tanto al inglés como el español, de la forma más correcta y neutral posible. Aún así, es inevitable que a ratos suene a castellano de mi región, no era posible hacerlo de otro modo sin traicionar mi propio idiolecto. Y del inglés ya ni hablamos. Por lo que a mí respecta, doy permiso para que estas páginas sean traducidas a cualquier otro idioma. Eso sí, apoyad a la artista siempre que podáis. Ha publicado tanto doujinshi como manga BL original.


Read this same post in ENGLISH ----> here.

Puedes leer directamente SHOWER ME en español aquí (Atención: 62 páginas, va bien cargado)Collapse )

Doujinshi Masterlist con otras series y títulos aquí.

Series: The Prince of Tennis
Circle: FLEX-ABLE (Yuu Takahashi)
Year: December 2004
Scanlated by: Leviosa, leviosa8@livejournal
Date of scanlation: Summer 2015
Pages: 62
Rating: R for masturbation scene.
Pairing: Ohtori x Shishido, ToriShishi (with a pinch of HiyoShishi)
Characters: Ohtori, Shishido, Hiyoshi and all the adorkable Hyoutei regulars.

Summary: After losing against Ryoma, Hiyoshi feels responsible for Hyoutei's defeat and thinks of quitting the club. Shishido will take upon himself to stop him, and in exchange Hiyoshi will give him a piece of his mouth about Ohtori.

T. Notes: As full of yaoi/BL tropes as it is, this is one of my favourite doujinshi ever. I own three original copies. It was on my mind to scanlate it for years, and finally, this summer I got the time and the energies to do it in both languages. I tried to write it as correct and neutral as possible, both in English and in Spanish. It may not be perfect, but as long as you understand and enjoy it, I'll have fulfilled my mission. : ) I hereby give my permission for the scans to be translated into any other language. Please, support the artist when possible. She has published BL manga as well.


Puedes leer este mismo post en ESPAÑOL ----> aquí.

Read SHOWER ME in English here (Warning: Image HEAVY - 62 pages)Collapse )

Doujinshi Masterlist with other series and titles here.

It is a lovely Sunday morning. He's gaming, I'm writing.

Or, rather, editing. I am halfway through The Artful Edit: On the practice of editing yourself by Susan Bell [Website] [Goodreads]. As a practical exercise, I've started transferring my Hufflepuff fic from ffnet to AO3 (about time!), with an intensive edit after leaving it untouched for several years. Editing yourself is entertaining (when not obsessive). I only wish I had more time, but that is adult life: make the most of what little you have.

We've finished South Park: The Stick of Truth twice already, as a thief and as a jew. What a gem of a game for any South Park fan! I felt giddy and happy all the way, both times. And shocked, too, at every turn. They go SO far with the over-the-top jokes you can't really believe it, even after so many seasons. Aaah, I adore those characters! I love it, too, when you change between Kyle and Cartman as partners and they both say lines about each other like lovers after a quarrel. One of Kyle's lines is from that song Cartman used to confess his love for him during that basketball game. Fake love or not, Cartman does want Kyle to lick his balls. So far he's only achieved it in his imagination-land.

The Minions were as cute++ as usual, but the plot was meh.
Enjoyed Jurassic World moderatedly, but am enjoying the parodies even more.
Loved Kingsman very, very, very much.